Tuesday 8 October 2019

Dream for the pilgrims: Umrah and Hajj

It is the wish of each and every Muslim around the world to visit the two holy places in Makkah and Madinah. The Makkah is the place where the visitors comes on Hajj and Umrah Visas, visit to perform Umrah and Hajj and offer several other prayers in front of the Kaaba. AL-AQSA global services is providing the Umrah services as AL-AQSA is known as the best hajj and umrah travel company.
AL-AQSA is providing the basic divisions - sales reservation, ticketing, and accounting. AL-AQSA consists of the best qualified team of professionals to design the Umrah or Hajj tour program with all the comfortable facilities. Don’t wait, time to plan for Umrah or Hajj. AL-AQSA is well aware of all the rules specified by the Saudi Arabia nation to avoid any type of disputes, basically consists of the team members who have already visited Saudi Arabia.
AL-AQSA also provides the special Hajj packages from shifting to non-shifting that includes luxury non-shifting Haj package and economy short-shifting Haj package. We know each specific needs for Umrah or Hajj and provide them as our clients want. AL-AQSA provides the best comfort and safety for their customers, complete teamwork and synchronization is always available for the Hajj or Umrah.
AL-AQSA have the contracts to provide the world class hotels and transport services so anyone can feel the relentless drive to accomplish the set goals.

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