Monday 18 November 2019

Umrah Packages

Al Aqsa Global Services is a Hajj and Umrah travel company providing best services for more than 12 years in all over India. We have various Hajj and Umrah packages like Semi Deluxe Umrah package, Deluxe Umrah package, Umrah with Dubai, Deluxe Hajj package, Semi Deluxe Hajj package etc. All prices vary according to package type. We do everything by ourselves. We have best hotels in Saudi Arabia with bus service.

How is it possible that we have cheapest price?
Because we provide all services like visa, ticketing, mofa etc. We have booked complete floors of hotels in Saudi Arabia. Because there are no agents between Al Aqsa and clients, there is no commission, no other extra cost.

Which package should I choose?
As we told that we have many packages like deluxe, semi deluxe etc. you can choose according to your budget and need. If you are choosing semi deluxe package it doesn’t mean that we’ll provide you bad service, you will get everything mentioned in our package. Your satisfaction and safety are our concern.

Do visit our website and check out all the services we are offering and if you have any query regarding our services, feel free to contact us.